Prepworks (from Progressive International) Collapsible Measuring Cups Review

Prepworks Collapsible Measuring Cups

Prepworks Collapsible Measuring Cups

Like many RV’s, our cozy home-on-wheels has a small kitchen. So when it came to choosing our cooking utensils, we were thrilled to find these collapsible measuring cups. They’re lightweight, compact – so they easily fit in our limited drawer space, and are made of durable silicone – so they don’t rattle when driving down the road!

They come in a set of 5: (1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 cup measurements), and include a storage ring to keep them nested together in your drawer. If you love to cook like we do, and you want to save space, we believe you’ll find them to to be an indispensable RV kitchen utensil.

Prepworks Collapsible Measuring Cups Cost less than $15 (as of June 2015) for the set on Amazon

Our RV has a very small kitchen as the layout prioritizes living room and bedroom space. We both enjoy cooking, so a good set of measuring cups – and many other kitchen basics – are a must. Unfortunately, standard kitchen utensils, such as the stainless steel measuring cups we used in our house, fill up valuable storage space quickly. Rich is also sensitive to rattling sounds while driving, so metal utensils aren’t ideal.

We debated bringing our quality stainless set anyway as we love its quality and didn’t want to spend money on something we already owned. Unfortunately it was immediately clear all our cooking utensils would never fit in the 5 drawers and 2 small cupboards we have available.

We needed a new set, and plastic seemed like the best option. Of course most plastic measuring cup sets take up as much room as the stainless – plus most plastic sets are cheaply made and use questionable materials.

Bottom Line: We wanted a quality, compact, lightweight, durable, and cost-effective set of plastic measuring cups.

Our Measuring Cup Solution

Our Measuring CupsWe researched companies that make lightweight and functional kitchen gadgets, and discovered the Prepworks product line. Prepworks is a line of functional gadgets, kitchen tools, and food-prep items, made by Progressive International. They’ve been in business for over 40 years and are known for their creatively designed and durable products.

Still, we wanted to check them out in person, before going with Prepworks. We found these measuring cups in a Camping World store and we were impressed. The Prepworks Collapsible Measuring Cups are perfect, because they’re lightweight and compact, and they nest together. As an added bonus, We knew they wouldn’t rattle around and drive Rich nuts!

Quality is important to us, and our first impression turned out to be true. We’ve had our set of measuring cups for over 2 years, and they show little-to-no signs of wear – no cracking, scratching, or discoloration.

What’s Included when you buy the set of Prepworks Collapsible Measuring Cups:

  • Set of 5 measuring cups: (1/4, 1/3, 1/2, 3/4 and 1 cup measurements) with standard (U.S.) and metric measurements.
  • Plastic storage ring keeps cups nested in drawers
  • When nested, the set measures 2.5” deep x 3” wide x 6.5” long


  • Quality, colorful, and attractive product
  • Lightweight and compact collapsible design
  • Designed so most sticky substances pop out easily
  • Standard and metric measurements printed on handles
  • Made of dishwasher-safe and food-safe silicone
  • Won’t rattle while driving
  • Relatively inexpensive product


  • Measurements are printed (not embossed) on plastic handles so print may wear off over time, especially if regularly placed in a dishwasher
  • Some foods can stick to silicone cups (e.g. peanut butter)


These Prepworks Collapsible Measuring Cups are perfect for full-time RV’ers. They’re also great for part-timers as you can can leave them in your RV so you never forget them. They also work well in a traditional home that has a small kitchen.

If you’re looking for a quality set of measuring cups that are attractive, durable, cost-effective, lightweight, and compact, the Prepworks Collapsible Measuring Cups are a great solution for any RV or home!

Prepworks Collapsible Measuring Cups Cost less than $15 (as of June 2015) for the set on Amazon

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