Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair Review

Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair

Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chair

Everyone who goes camping and RVing brings chairs. Whether you plan to sit around a campfire or enjoy drinking coffee outside in the morning like we do, comfy outdoor seating is an RVing must!

We see a lot of RVers who use cheap and uncomfortable chairs – and we’ve been there/done that. Some RVers even use beach chairs, which are downright irritating after a while – especially the metal bar that cuts right under your thighs.

Originally we had collapsing chairs that fit in a bag. While those chairs are easier to pack away, they’re nowhere near as comfortable as Zero Gravity Chairs.

Why suffer with a sore back when you don’t need to? We recommend doing what we did – bite the bullet and buy some comfortable Zero Gravity Chairs – then figure out where you can store them (we put them in our tow car). You’ll be very glad you did!

We have our coffee every morning while sitting in our zero gravity chairs and we love them!

Our Process for Choosing the Caravan Canopy Zero Gravity Chairs

Like many RVers, we love to be outdoors – eating, chatting, having coffee, and enjoying nature. We love the comforts of home, and our awning creates a natural patio space to relax in.

We were excited when we took our new our RV, Artie, on our first camping trip! We looked forward to our morning coffee, sitting outside in our chairs and listening to the birds.


Kathy in our old chairs

Kathy in our old chairs in 1998

We’ve tent camped for years, so we brought our decent fold-up style chairs from our garage. We also took our set of beach chairs for comparison – so when we were ready to RV full-time, we thought we were all set in the chair department.

Boy, were we wrong!

We had to admit by the end of our first trip that our chairs weren’t up to our new RVing comfort standards.

Let’s face it, the best feature of a fold up chair is just that – it folds up!

We went on a mission to find the perfect lounge chair. Fortunately there are tons of styles available, and manufacturers have improved their designs over time.

It didn’t take long for the the zero gravity chair to catch our attention, since they’re the best selling outdoor lounge chair on the market.

This popularity is probably because they’re designed to mimic chairs used by astronauts, where comfort is critical. They distribute your weight evenly on the chair, so there are no pressure points like with ‘normal’ beach chairs. This makes them much more comfy than the older model lounge chairs. Plus they recline with you as much or as little as you like. Depending on how much you lean into them, they’ll extend all the way – and most also lock into place.

Here’s the best thing about a zero gravity chair: It provides travelers and RVers with the first ever super comfy, cost-effective, transportable alternative to wood-and-cushion patio furniture. Now we realize it’s not quite the same, but we can tell you it’s close enough  — and at a fraction of the cost!

Our next step was to ‘zero in’ on the best quality AND lowest price chair we could find. (We were in the middle of outfitting our entire RV at that point, so cost was definitely on our minds.)

Before shopping around too much we decided on the features we wanted in our chairs: they had to be water and mildew-resistance, quick drying, and easy to clean. (Some chairs are made of canvas – which tend to hold water and dry slowly.)

We also wanted a chair that locked into a variety of positions, had decent arm rests and a head rest style pillow, and that was tall enough for Rich, who is 6′-4″.

Our Solution:

Since quality was part of our equation, we first looked at chairs offered by the mid-to-higher end retailers like Front Gate, Brookstone, and REI. While we couldn’t argue with the quality, each chair ranged from $100 – $200! We were also concerned that our chairs could get stolen at the campground, sp we ruled them out.


Our Gravity Chairs

Kathy Working in our Gravity Chairs

Next we hit the big box retailers and got a feel for the lower priced models. However, we were unimpressed with the quality. When we reviewed the list of features we wanted we knew we were asking for a lot if we wanted to keep the cost down!

We decided to look online, and that’s when we found the Zero Gravity Chair by Caravan Canopy. It was at the right price point, and it had all the features we were looking for. So we decided to chance it and order two of them, knowing we could return them if needed.

Flash forward to today, and we’ve been using them daily for over 2 years. In fact, they’ve been one of our favorite RV accessories! They’re comfy, durable, and they fold up for easy storage in the back seat of our car.

We also learned that they’re made of Textilene®, which is a mesh fabric woven of strong polyester yarns that are individually coated with PVC, and specifically designed for outdoor use.

The manufacturer states that you can wash them with a diluted soap and chlorine if they start to hold a little mildew or stains. We’ve washed ours using this method, and they really do clean up well — ours look almost new today.

Chair Details:

Folded dimensions: 38.6″ length X 26.4″ width X 6.3″ high . Open dimensions: 25.5″ length X 45″ width X 64.5″ height . Supports up to 300 lbs.


  • Incredibly comfortable!
  • Weather-proof Textilene® fabric – easy to clean
  • Fabric suspended by double-bungee system
  • Powder coated, rust-free steel frame
  • A perfect place to take a nap when reclined
  • Well built – solid construction, holds up to 300 pounds.
  • Includes adjustable, padded headrest
  • Available in several colors


  • Lounge chairs can be somewhat bulky to pack and unpack
  • Lock position can slip if you push too hard
  • Headrest is held onto chair with velcro and strap, but our strap has loosened some
  • Minimal lumbar support – we use small outdoor pillows


These Zero Gravity Chairs by Caravan Canopy are perfect for full-time RV’ers. They’re so versatile that they’re also great for a beach house, lakeside cottage, or any home.

If you’re looking for an outdoor chair that is durable, cost-effective, attractive, and somewhat compact these zero gravity chairs are a great solution!

We have our coffee every morning while sitting in our zero gravity chairs and we love them!

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