Camco Leveling Block Review

Camco Leveling Block 10-Pack

Camco Leveling Block 10-Pack

Leveling your RV is an important and necessary step every time you set up in a new RV park. Not only is it easier to walk, cook, and sleep in a level RV, but RV refrigerators must be level to operate correctly.

While wood blocks may seem like a cheaper alternative to these plastic leveling blocks, it’s really not a great option. Wood weighs far more than plastic – and weight is at a premium in RVs. Wood also gets damaged by weather, eaten by bugs, rots, and will need to be frequently replaced.

We recommend picking up this 10 pack of blocks at a minimum – travel trailer owners should buy 20 at least – you’ll be glad you did!

We use our Camco Leveling Blocks in almost every RV Park we visit – they’re easy to use and work great!

Hello, and welcome to our review of these Camco leveling blocks.

In our experience, there are two types of RVers – those who carry at least 10 leveling blocks, and those who roll out of bed at night because their RV isn’t level.

Camco Leveling Blocks

Camco Leveling Blocks

We see uneven RVs in every park we stay at – and can’t help wondering if those people knew just how inexpensive and easy it is to level your RV.

RV Leveling Blocks are Especially Helpful For:

#1 – Raising the rear of your RV when the site is lower in the back than in the front. Our RV has automatic leveling jacks, but the jacks are designed so that they won’t raise the rear tires off the ground due to the emergency brake and weight. That means in an uneven spot that’s low in the back, it’s difficult to get level. With these leveling blocks I simply lay them on the ground and back onto the blocks to get level – works like a charm.

Blocks in use#2 – To support your front tires. In general it’s a bad idea to have your front tires floating off the ground. The RV tends to move around more when it’s only supported by the jacks. I simply lift the front end a little extra high, then slip some blocks in place and lower the tires onto the blocks.

#3 – To extend leveling jacks. Our leveling jacks only extend just so far. Sometimes in uneven sites the jacks are situated over a hole or low point. By using several stacked blocks the jacks make contact and can do their jobs.

Speaking of which, these leveling blocks are incredibly strong for their weight. I’d estimate each block weighs only ounces, and yet they can support thousands of pounds without cracking, bending or breaking.


  • Lightweight
  • Won’t rot or break
  • Stack like leggos
  • help level front, back, and side to side
  • Work as jack pads in a pinch.


  • Rocks and dirt get stuck in the leggo pattern


When our RV is setup, we like it level and stable. Leveling blocks help make sure that we’re level and that the RV doesn’t move around when we’re inside. It only takes an extra couple minutes to use these blocks, and in our opinion they’re well worth it.

We use our Camco Leveling Blocks in almost every RV Park we visit – they’re easy to use and work great!

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